Potty Training

With regards to Potty Training for Dogs you have to learn one thing; be constant. Potty training is all about routine as well as being patient. One thing that you should remember is if your canine has an accident, it's your fault. Your puppy will not create a mess on purpose you need to maintain a close eye, stay relaxed and it's no good getting mix. It will take time, but if you comply with few simple rules, you should have your potty training cracked within a couple of weeks.

dog obedience training
dog obedience training

The first thing I would recommend is to become a puppy crate or even cage; this will help a lot with your dogs potty training. Each time your dog is taken out of the crate you take it directly outside into area of the backyard you have chosen for him to alleviate himself. Then you need to provide him a command.

When your dog has done his business, you will have to give your dog lots of compliment, and a treat he will after that start to understand that he has replied correctly.

Have a short game with your dog before you get him back into the house. In case you go straight back into the home, he might adopt delaying techniques so he can stay outdoors longer.

  • There are important times that you will need to make a note of:
  • Whenever your dog wakes up after a rest
  • After a meal
  • After playing
  • First thing in the morning
  • Last thing at night
  • If you see your doggy sniffing or circling

The actual sniffing and circling may be the hardest one to watch for; this might be when most accidents happen. 9 out of 10 times whenever an accident happens it will be since you failed to see the warning signs.

Should you miss the signs as well as your dog has an accident, you have to remember to stay calm and don't shout. Your dog will not get why you are angry. If you do catch your dog in the act or possibly spot him circling and also sniffing but don't yell at him. Just calmly consider him outside to their toilet area as quickly as possible and provide him the verbal control.

Your dog will start to respond to a person if give him plenty of praise and a treat and you may find that the accidents will end up few and far between.